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Some advice for parents when children are angry

When angry, children may harass, scream, sabotage, or even attack others. What should parents do to help their child learn to control? A lot of parents think that expressing anger is not good, should not be done and they are not allowed to do it. But on the other hand, restraining emotions for a long […]

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Methods to boost your memory

If you want to learn fast, you need to learn methodically. Here are some useful methods for quick memorizing a lesson. Read and understand the structure and main ideas in the lesson before you go to class There is a big difference between when you read through the lecture before class and when  you go […]

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How to build your confidence

Confidence is a very important human factor. It sometimes determines the ability of your success. Someone said: lose wealth, we can get back; love lost, we can find new love; but lose faith in ourselves, we will lose everything.Being lack of self-confidence one will be unlikely to succeed, miss many opportunities, can hardly be happy […]

Autism Disorder, Definition

Signs of adult autism: What is the life of an adult autistic? (Part2)

After disappointment came the will to fight. Charles’s parents decided to diagnose the son further. Charles underwent specialist research. It turned out that he hears perfectly, genetic tests did not show abnormalities. They came to the psychologist. There was no doubt about it. Diagnosis: autism. “ We got addresses of Hospitals where they worked with […]