Month: April 2019

Psychosis, Stress

Some of misunderstanding about stress…

Understand stress to control it Many types of stress management are harmful to health or it aggravates the problem. That usually arises from misunderstandings about stress. Recognizing that the wrong thoughts about stress will help us to build a more positive response to stress. Here are some common misunderstandings: Sometimes you don’t know you are […]

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Journeys Diary

Arround of Charming Brussels

At the end of April, tourists from all over the world flock to the Netherlands to see the Keukenhof flower festival and enjoy the atmosphere of the queen’s day (Queen’s day). Keukenhof, I knew, and the queen’s day I heard that there is nothing special but noisy, crowded and tired. Thus, I decided to “hide” […]

Psychosis, Stress

The impact of stress on us?

The impact of stress on us When a person is stressed for a long time, they can not be relieved, which causes both physical and emotional suffering. Here are 10 risks that affect the brain, heart, lungs, eyes, skin, stomach, head … that American researchers have found. Stress affects our brains Affect to the brain […]

Autism Disorder, Causes

Causes of Autism (part 2)

Causes of autism: complications during pregnancy and the perinatal period For phenomena that may promote autism, various complications of pregnancy and childbirth are also recognized. Potential causes of autism can be pre-existing conditions such as gestational diabetes and thyroid dysfunction. The risk of overall developmental disorders may also be increased by intrauterine infections – especially […]