Month: October 2019

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5 things to consider if you want to change jobs

Learn about the successful principles of Job-Changing artAre you facing a new career opportunity? Are you wondering whether you should go or stay? These following tips can definitely help you make the right decision1. Understand the duality of job hoppingFirst you need to understand that changing jobs is not a simple matter and can be […]

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I read Baird T. Spalding’s “Journey to the East,” there’s a passage saying that this earth exists like a miracle, in a condition where the probability of occurrence is the smallest set of all. other smallest ratio. I can describe this in a more understandable way, sort of like this existence of the earth is […]

Life skills, Sharing

The secrets to a happier life

There is a saying: “In human life, eight or nine among 10 things can make one not satisfied”. That is life. In everyday’s life, a lot of things happen that make us unhappy. There are many things that one wants to do, but cannot; many things one hates but cannot avoid. People  regret doing unworthy […]

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Detect depression with a blood test?

Poor mood is nothing unusual in puberty. Teenagers often have mood swings and feel depressed. Distinguishing between discomfort and depression is therefore difficult for medical professionals. A new blood test will help to prove depression for the first time objectively. The current type of diagnosis is subjective and depends only on the patient’s statements and […]