Month: February 2020

Depression, Psychosis

The causes of depression

What causes depression? Human emotions are often influenced by the outside and more or less affect the mood and spirit of man. In addition to things like work pressure, obstacles in relationships or minor details in your daily life can also become “killers” for your mood, causing you to be depressed. It could be anything […]

Depression, Health, Psychosis

Depression during pregnancy

Psychological changes in pregnancy during pregnancy are a very normal state, and sometimes they are good signals that the mother’s hormonal changes are positive for pregnancy. But for about 10% of depression in pregnant women can become a major problem with prenatal crisis. Symptoms of prenatal depression Every woman has a different mood change, but […]

Life skills, Sharing

The secrets for a richer life

Having a lot of money one is not inevitably rich. The secrets below will help you to have a life with its true meaning.Learn, learn and learnKnowledge is the foundation of a rich life. You stop moving forward in life when you stop learning. Listen to music, read books and watch movies. Learn from people […]

Psychology, Psychosis

Some of the strange mental illness that medicine has not explained (pt2)

There are so many psychiatric illnesses that today when science and technology are advancing, they are still great mysteries that challenge experts. In this article, continues to talk about 2 mental illnesses in this article that remain a big question for scientists around the world. Cotard syndrome Also known as corpse syndrome, Cotard syndrome […]

Autism Disorder

How to communicate and play with autistic children

Because autistic children are deficient in interpersonal skills and social interaction, the mother or caregiver needs to have special ways to communicate with the child, and to help them be more confident, to communicate more.If you think autistic children do not want to communicate and only want to play alone, it is not quite right. […]