Month: March 2020

Autism Disorder, Causes, Definition


Child autism Autism – a developmental disorder that begins in early childhood and lasts a lifetime. Globally, disorders with autism spectrum are currently the most common neuro-developmental disorder. In the United Kingdom and the United States they are detected in 1 child in 100 children; in Poland, they are detected in 1 child in 300. […]


What children don’t like about their parents

There are some things that children do not like about their parents, such as getting angry and scolding them. These actions make children become alienated from parents. Let us find out what kids do not like about their parents: Parent’s quarrels Don’t make mistakes of assuming that your children are young, so what you do […]

Take Notes For Life

Remember the capital

This afternoon I sat and reviewed the photos of the fireworks ceremony to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the capital and felt so emotional, suddenly the “artist blood” emerged that made me want to write something about Hanoi .

Study Aboard

PhD – give up or go on?

PhD studying is completely different from master’s and university study. At PhD level, you are expected to become a researcher, meaning you have to create new knowledge. Is that easy? Of course not! If you meet someone who dares to clap your chest and say, “This is very smart, what is PhD?”, Congratulations, you have […]

Take Notes For Life

Is Tet still as interesting as before?

Remember when I first went to college, I once said half jokingly with some “comrades” that going to school away from home was great, not being able to manage time so soon, every month, every month be “reloaded” spoiled for spending. Cuong, my friend, replied that in the blankets, he knew that there was a […]