Month: May 2020

Autism Disorder

What is Asperger’s Syndrome and some special abilities of people with Asperger’s syndrome

Asperger’s Syndrome is a syndrome in which the great men of the world, like Einstein, Mozart and Michelangelo, were believed to had shown signs. In this article, we will analyze in depth the concepts and characteristics of Asperger’s syndrome. Four of important points in this article – What is Asperger’s Syndrome – The negative effects […]

Causes, Schizophrenia

Signs of schizophrenia

Signs of schizophrenia can be detected as below: Hallucination Hallucination is a perception with no object to perceive. We distinguish : psychosensory hallucinations (auditory +++, cenesthetic ++, olfactory +, taste, visual). The most characteristic are auditory hallucinations (a voice speaks to the subject, speaks to him, gives him orders …) and cenesthetic (physical sensations like […]

Study Aboard

Phd, Master, Colleage and the diffirences…

Last week, my school¬†took place¬†an event called a recruitment event to introduce PhD programs to potential students. There are 6 potential students coming to the event. You have been accepted by the school, but you are still considering options. This event is an opportunity for the school to “boast” and persuade you to put pen […]

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Journeys Diary

What is interesting about Edinburgh

Today I will test a new way of writing, that is, I only play the role of a guide, and the photos will “tell the story”. The story of Edinburgh where I am living. It must be said that this is a strange city because no one of my friends has arrived here without being […]