Month: June 2020


Excellent ways to deal with bad colleagues (Part 1)

Being smart with bad colleagues is an art. Did you know? In a corporate environment like the office, you will see the multitude of characteristics of your colleagues. Someone are very kind, always ready to help you. Conversely, there are people you can’t stand. But of course, you should not “boil” them, because even though […]

Practical Experience

Cultural behavior…

I have a habit of studying on the top floor of the high school building. There is a very wide view that often gives me a sense of excitement to learn more than other places in the school. There is also a small kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, several sets of dishes and microwave ovens […]

Psychosis, Stress

The stages of Stress

The stages of Stress According to Selye, the stress response or general irritation syndrome is divided into three stages. Resistance Stage The first stage: Alarm  This stage is characterized by specific characteristics of the subject when exposed to stressors, such as: – The psychological activities are stimulated, especially the process of focusing attention, enhancing the […]