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Adolescence, Psychological crisis

Crisis of adolescence

Through lifetime of a person, puberty is the age that is subject to the most difficult and complex changes, so one is most prone to crises compared to other age groups. In general, the following factors determine the behavior of people of all ages: physiological, psychological and social. These factors, in particular the physiological maturity […]


What children don’t like about their parents

There are some things that children do not like about their parents, such as getting angry and scolding them. These actions make children become alienated from parents. Let us find out what kids do not like about their parents: Parent’s quarrels Don’t make mistakes of assuming that your children are young, so what you do […]

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Psychological characteristics of adolescence

Adolescence has a lot of changes in appearance and mindset, so parents should have the most appropriate behavior for their children. When children enter puberty there are quite a lot of psychological changes: changed personality, unusual temperament, sometimes stubborn, sometimes too lively, sometimes quiet, sometimes avoid parents and family. Parents do not understand the situation […]

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4 sentences that will hurt your child

The bigger the child becomes, the longer distant they keep from parents who are busy with social relationships. So the gap between the two generations will widen. The arguments increased gradually and sometimes parents often lose control and scold them with words seemingly harmless but unexpectedly may hurt them seriously. “Stumble in saying is hard […]

Adolescence, Psychological crisis

Psychological and emotional development in adolescence

Talking about adolescence, it is well known that this is a stage in which children are psychologically and physically developing. In boys and girls, emotional and psychological development have similarities but of course there are some differences.  Early teens (10-13 years old)  Psychologically and emotionally, they are aware that they are no longer children and […]