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Autism Disorder, Definition

Signs of adult autism: What is the life of an adult autistic? (Part2)

After disappointment came the will to fight. Charles’s parents decided to diagnose the son further. Charles underwent specialist research. It turned out that he hears perfectly, genetic tests did not show abnormalities. They came to the psychologist. There was no doubt about it. Diagnosis: autism. “ We got addresses of Hospitals where they worked with […]

Autism Disorder

Autism early detection

How to identify early signs of autism in children. It has been speculated that the child born with autism is due to parental care. That is the wrong interpretation and lack of scientific basis even in doctors and other professionals. Indeed, autistic children have innate brain-related defects, which are early in their lives with early […]

Autism Disorder

Autism: a promising treatment

Autism: a promising treatment In the often polemical context surrounding the management of autism, French researchers presented the results of a promising clinical trial to reduce the severity of cognitive disorders in patients with this syndrome. According to their study, published in the scientific journal Translational Psychiatry, the administration of a diuretic to children with […]

Autism Disorder, Causes

Causes of Autism (part1)

 What factors can cause autism? The causes of autism can be very different, but vaccines certainly do not belong to them. What causes autism? This question is asked by many parents of autistic children and many doctors, but now nobody is able to answer them with 100% certainty. Even the best specialists have more theories […]