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Causes, Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia: causes and symptoms

Schizophrenia: causes and symptoms  In Canada, one in every 100 people is diagnosed with schizophrenia. This disease strikes people all over the world, in all cultures and social classes. Schizophrenia is a serious, chronic and very complex mental disorder. This illness can seriously disrupt the way a person feels, thinks and reacts to what surrounds […]

Causes, Schizophrenia

Causes of schizophrenia

You need to talk to someone to get help The causes of schizophrenia are beginning to be better understood. Schizophrenia has no known unique cause. Like many other psychic illnesses, it seems due to a set of factors that interact. Vulnerability to the disease would be transmitted genetically Vulnerability to the disease would be transmitted […]

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Causes of Autism (part1)

 What factors can cause autism? The causes of autism can be very different, but vaccines certainly do not belong to them. What causes autism? This question is asked by many parents of autistic children and many doctors, but now nobody is able to answer them with 100% certainty. Even the best specialists have more theories […]

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Different types of schizophrenia

The different forms of schizophrenia, each indicated by an adjective, correspond to a more striking aspect of the disease at a given moment. These forms of schizophrenia are not fixed categories, since it is possible that the same patient passes from one form to another and expresses his disease differently according to the periods. Simple […]

Causes, Schizophrenia

Signs of schizophrenia

Signs of schizophrenia can be detected as below: Hallucination Hallucination is a perception with no object to perceive. We distinguish : psychosensory hallucinations (auditory +++, cenesthetic ++, olfactory +, taste, visual). The most characteristic are auditory hallucinations (a voice speaks to the subject, speaks to him, gives him orders …) and cenesthetic (physical sensations like […]