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Autism Disorder, Definition

Signs of adult autism: What is the life of an adult autistic? (Part2)

After disappointment came the will to fight. Charles’s parents decided to diagnose the son further. Charles underwent specialist research. It turned out that he hears perfectly, genetic tests did not show abnormalities. They came to the psychologist. There was no doubt about it. Diagnosis: autism. “ We got addresses of Hospitals where they worked with […]

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Different types of schizophrenia

The different forms of schizophrenia, each indicated by an adjective, correspond to a more striking aspect of the disease at a given moment. These forms of schizophrenia are not fixed categories, since it is possible that the same patient passes from one form to another and expresses his disease differently according to the periods. Simple […]

Autism Disorder, Causes, Definition


Child autism Autism – a developmental disorder that begins in early childhood and lasts a lifetime. Globally, disorders with autism spectrum are currently the most common neuro-developmental disorder. In the United Kingdom and the United States they are detected in 1 child in 100 children; in Poland, they are detected in 1 child in 300. […]