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The strange signs of depression

Anyone can fall into depression without knowing it or they will not admit that their morale is down. Here are some signs of depression: Over confidence Many people, especially those who are more successful around them, often deal with depression by going against what they are feeling. For example, they will pursue ambitious goals abnormally, […]

Depression, Psychosis

The causes of depression

What causes depression? Human emotions are often influenced by the outside and more or less affect the mood and spirit of man. In addition to things like work pressure, obstacles in relationships or minor details in your daily life can also become “killers” for your mood, causing you to be depressed. It could be anything […]

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Depression during pregnancy

Psychological changes in pregnancy during pregnancy are a very normal state, and sometimes they are good signals that the mother’s hormonal changes are positive for pregnancy. But for about 10% of depression in pregnant women can become a major problem with prenatal crisis. Symptoms of prenatal depression Every woman has a different mood change, but […]