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Some advice for parents when children are angry

When angry, children may harass, scream, sabotage, or even attack others. What should parents do to help their child learn to control? A lot of parents think that expressing anger is not good, should not be done and they are not allowed to do it. But on the other hand, restraining emotions for a long […]

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Pre-marriage crisis

Why pre-marriage crisis? How to pass it? You test-drive several vehicles before buying your car, read every tech blog possible to see which smartphone is best for you, and even text a few dressing-room pics of yourself to a friend before buying that cute maxi dress. As an educated, modern person, you know researching your […]

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Overcome pre-marriage crisis

Many people feel unsettled moods  before the wedding. Although there are only a few days left for the wedding to take place, they do not want to marry anymore for the fear of it. Today would like to introduce the ways to help young couples face the confusing thoughts before marriage. They are afraid […]

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Psychological characteristics of adolescence

Adolescence has a lot of changes in appearance and mindset, so parents should have the most appropriate behavior for their children. When children enter puberty there are quite a lot of psychological changes: changed personality, unusual temperament, sometimes stubborn, sometimes too lively, sometimes quiet, sometimes avoid parents and family. Parents do not understand the situation […]