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Journeys Diary

One day in Verona…

Unlike many of my peers, I belongs to classic type because I don’t like to listen to foreign music, I don’t like watching movies except blockbuster movies or classic songs that go along with the years. Thus, if being asked if this u-pa or another who has just released such a disc, or which song […]

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Journeys Diary

Travelling alone – part 1: Visitting Croatia

Football today has far surpassed a simple limit of a sport thanks to the extremely diverse increased value that it brings. As simple as a model woman who suddenly became popular and “expensive” after only a few days boldly posted on social networks some “bed” pictures with a football star. On a larger scale, many […]

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Journeys Diary

What is interesting about Edinburgh

Today I will test a new way of writing, that is, I only play the role of a guide, and the photos will “tell the story”. The story of Edinburgh where I am living. It must be said that this is a strange city because no one of my friends has arrived here without being […]