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Psychological crisis

Age-based psychological crises over life stages

Since birth and growing up with many ups and downs, people are facing worries daily… There are very important periods of times that come along with changes in thought, perception and lifestyle. Many people call them crisises of age  or aged-based crisises. According to psychologists, age-based crisis is a stage in human life, when physical […]

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Crisis of adolescence

Through lifetime of a person, puberty is the age that is subject to the most difficult and complex changes, so one is most prone to crises compared to other age groups. In general, the following factors determine the behavior of people of all ages: physiological, psychological and social. These factors, in particular the physiological maturity […]

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Pre-marriage crisis

Why pre-marriage crisis? How to pass it? You test-drive several vehicles before buying your car, read every tech blog possible to see which smartphone is best for you, and even text a few dressing-room pics of yourself to a friend before buying that cute maxi dress. As an educated, modern person, you know researching your […]

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What parents need to do when your children are in a psychological crisis

Communication is key Child care not only focuses on the child’s nutrition, Education is also something that parents need to pay more attention to. It includes the child’s psychological state and helps them to be more confident in overcoming all difficulties Try to understand your child 1. Understand the mood of the child The first […]

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How to measure your level of fear

How to measure your level of fear Each of us in life is confronted with different types of emotions ranging from sadness, fear, anxiety and memory. But how to quantify the emotional state is still a very difficult problem. We have learned that British scientists have created a game that allows us to measure the […]