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10 Parents’ Mistakes in Teaching Children (Part 1)

Teaching your child is a common goal for all parents. But not everyone achieves the goal, due to mistakes in the process of raising children.The old sayings said: “A man originally is good” and “Blame yourself first and then blame others later.” The child is born inherently pure and innocent, parents are the people who […]


Supernatural ability of human

Supernatural ability Imagine that you have the ability to hear the music with your eyes or hear and taste the colors. According to the scientists, this is the accompanying feeling – synaesthesia is a rare neurological phenomenon that occurs when multiple senses are activated at the same time.  Blind people are very good at locating […]


Hypnosis and mysteries in the subconscious world (Part 2)

Whether or not hypnosis can control another’s actions? will discover the secrets of hypnosis in this article today. Hypnosis can also make a person forget some memory Memory and hypnosis In movies or entertainment programs, we find that hypnosis can also make a person forget some memory. For science, this is quite accurate but […]

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Some of the strange mental illness that medicine has not explained (pt2)

There are so many psychiatric illnesses that today when science and technology are advancing, they are still great mysteries that challenge experts. In this article, continues to talk about 2 mental illnesses in this article that remain a big question for scientists around the world. Cotard syndrome Also known as corpse syndrome, Cotard syndrome […]