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Problems when looking for an apartment in Sweden during your study abroad

It’s usually that only students with exchange rankings taken from the Szielinsky program receive school support for finding accommodation. For international students, Sweden does not have any departments that implement meeting accommodation requirements. You are the only person to manage to find a suitable place to live. However, do not be too worried because any international […]

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Phd, Master, Colleage and the diffirences…

Last week, my school took place an event called a recruitment event to introduce PhD programs to potential students. There are 6 potential students coming to the event. You have been accepted by the school, but you are still considering options. This event is an opportunity for the school to “boast” and persuade you to put pen […]

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PhD – give up or go on?

PhD studying is completely different from master’s and university study. At PhD level, you are expected to become a researcher, meaning you have to create new knowledge. Is that easy? Of course not! If you meet someone who dares to clap your chest and say, “This is very smart, what is PhD?”, Congratulations, you have […]