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10 Parents’ Mistakes in Teaching Children (Part 1)

Teaching your child is a common goal for all parents. But not everyone achieves the goal, due to mistakes in the process of raising children.The old sayings said: “A man originally is good” and “Blame yourself first and then blame others later.” The child is born inherently pure and innocent, parents are the people who […]

Journeys Diary

One day in Verona…

Unlike many of my peers, I belongs to classic type because I don’t like to listen to foreign music, I don’t like watching movies except blockbuster movies or classic songs that go along with the years. Thus, if being asked if this u-pa or another who has just released such a disc, or which song […]

Postpartum Depression

Understand postpartum depression (part 3)

Part 3: Treatment and prevention Two previous articles presented the causes and consequences of postpartum depression; people who are prone to postpartum depression and early diagnosis. This article discusses the treatment and prevention of postpartum depression. 1. Treatment for postnatal depression  Support from relatives  Family and friends should make sure that the depressed mother is […]

Depression, Psychosis

The strange signs of depression

Anyone can fall into depression without knowing it or they will not admit that their morale is down. Here are some signs of depression: Over confidence Many people, especially those who are more successful around them, often deal with depression by going against what they are feeling. For example, they will pursue ambitious goals abnormally, […]